Fall Racing Plans

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Right after my spring marathon I had grand plans of my summer and fall racing, but thanks to a slight set back with popliteal tendonitis that has persisted for several months now, I’ve had to scale back those plans quite a bit. I am now four weeks in to my conservative physical therapy recovery plan, [...]

Training Update, When Running is More than Running


This past week included a mix of runs in New York, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Mid-week I’d lost track of where I had run and how much I had run. My runs were equally “confused:” track, treadmill, trail, dirt and paved road. I was all over the place; I think I still am a bit [...]

Training and Injury Update, Back to Real Life


Our summer family adventures came to a close yesterday as we headed home from the Adirondacks. After a week at the beach in Wells, ME and a week in the Adirondacks I’m ready to get back to the ebb and flow or “real life.” I’ve talked about what running in the Adirondacks means to me [...]

Training and Injury Update and Dr. Cool Wrap Winners Announced

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I haven’t written much about my own running since the Summerfest 10K. So I thought I was about time for a little training update, which in reality is more of an injury update. Even though I experienced no knee pain during the race or immediately after I did  in the weeks leading up to the [...]

Fingerling Potato Salad with Green Beans

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  I am a Stonyfield Yogetter Blogger, but all the opinions and ideas expressed in this post are my own.  Last week I played around a little bit with potato salad recipes, hoping to replace the mayonnaise based dressing with Stonyfield Greek Yogurt. The fingerling potatoes were looking so bright and fun at our grocery [...]

Guilt Game


There was a time when I was incredibly unhappy. My husband would ask, “what’s wrong?” and my answer would always be “I just feel so fat” or “I’ve made myself throw up the past few days.” So often was this my response that my husband didn’t really need to ask, he already knew. That was, [...]

SIX03 ENDURANCE Summer Fest 10K Race Recap


I went into Sunday’s 10K with very low expectations. Honestly, there were a few occasions last week where I imagined myself walking off the course at certain points. Mostly because I don’t feel I can trust my body right now. Mainly the muscles and tendons in my hamstring and calf at the back of the [...]

The Art of the Long Run


The long run is the cornerstone to any long distance training plan (marathon and half marathon especially). Often times the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the long run are ignored with the simple instruction to “run far.” There’s a bit more to it than just tacking on miles and with fall training plans in full swing, [...]