12 Days of Giving Winners Announced

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I’m so excited to finally announce all of the winners from the 12 Days of Giving! I had so much fun giving away all of these amazing prizes. If your name appears on the list please contact via email as soon as possible to claim your prize! Sparkly Soul Silver Headband: Angie R. BioSkin $20 [...]

Life Lately and Gender Reveal


On Monday we had our fetal survey ultrasound. Most importantly, everything measured normal and checked out OK and we also found out the gender…little Baby Canney is a BOY! Although I had a feeling it was a boy since the beginning, over the past few months I’d begun to think it was a girl. I [...]

Day 12: Win a pair of Saucony Guide 8′s

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It’s the final day of the 12 Days of Giving and of course I saved the BEST for last! Today I’ll be giving away a pair of the newly released Saucony Guide 8s! For the past four years my feet have been happiest (and fastest) in Saucony shoes. I gave the Kinvara 2′s a try a [...]

Lacking Motivation


Lately I’ve been lacking motivation. I’ve been running every day and working out, but it feels kind of empty without a big goal to work towards. All of my running goals are on hold until after Baby #3 makes his or her appearance in May. And thanks to slippery conditions most of my runs have [...]

Day 11: Runners Connect $50 Gift Card Giveaway

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Today’s giveaway is all about becoming a better runner. If you aren’t familiar with Runners Connect, head on over to their website and explore the extensive offerings they have when it comes to online coaching, custom training plans and runner-specific strength training. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your running but were hesitant to hire [...]

Day 10: For Two Fitness $50 Gift Card Giveaway

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With just a few days left in the 12 Days of Giving, we’re getting down to some of my favorite items. Today: A For Two Fitness $50 gift card. I stumbled across For Two Fitness in 2012 just after finding out I was pregnant with my second, Jack. At the time I was sporting over-sized [...]

Running & Pregnancy: 18 weeks, changes and adjustments

18 weeks and 5 days. Headed out for a rainy (thankfully not icy) run this morning.

Saturday marked the beginning of my 18th week and for the most part I feel great. It seems as though my body turned the corner in more ways than one: -I’m much more comfortable in maternity pants now or anything with a waist that has a little give, which means I’m wearing leggings most days. [...]

Day 9: Strut Your Stuff Sign Company Medal Hanger Giveaway


In the ten years I’ve been running I’ve never really displayed my running medals or bibs. When we got a treadmill for the basement two years ago, I put up a few meaningful ones in front of the treadmill as inspiration. But all the others-most just as meaningful and each with its own story-have sat [...]

Day 8: She Who is Brave is Free Print from Maiedae

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I stumbled across Maiedae on Instagram (@jennymaiedae and @savannahmaiedae) and completely fell in love with their hand lettered prints and beautiful artwork. There are so many great sayings to choose from and their Christmas collection is especially cute, but I really fell in love with the this print and want to share it with you! [...]

Day 7: Embrace the Hill Hoodie Giveaway

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Life is filled with “hills:” seemingly insurmountable obstacles that catch us by surprise, lay waste to our resolve, threaten our hope and leave us feeling weak and powerless. In the midst of that difficulty there really was no where to go but up. Up and over. So you lean into it. You embrace it. The difficulty [...]