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My husband and I are referring to last week as “the week that evaporated.” Honestly, it felt like last week was over in the blink of an eye and it was all because we were ALL SICK. Like icky-yucky-pukey-poopy sick. It started with Jack, moved to Mark then his Sophia and I on Tuesday. I’ve done so many loads of sheets and pillows and couch slipcovers that I can’t even bring myself to do regular laundry. But somehow…and I’m not entirely sure how I manged to increase my mileage and have a STRONG run. The first strong run I’ve had a in a long, long time. Here’s how the week went:

training last week

Monday: Jillian DVD (Then I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning and organizing the house. So, you know, we could all get sick in a super clean house.)

Tuesday: 8.22 Miles outside at puke pace (puke pace in this instance was NOT fast). I woke up felt fine. Took a sip of water. Sat down to put my shoes on stood up and felt queasy. I decided that I may as well try to run, I could always cut it short. Plus training has been sidetracked by so many other things that I was stubbornly going to get this run done gosh-darn-it. Puke pace ended up being a 9:00/mi. At times I felt OK and at others I wish I’d never left the house. I got home and promptly curled up in a ball, slept, threw up, spiked a fever, slept some more, puked some more and woke up Wednesday feeling better.

Wednesday: REST Spent most of the day re-hydrating and trying to eat. But had very little appetite and queasy feeling was still there.

Thursday: 8 mi on treadmill. Easy pace for first four (stomach was still feeling sloshy) then 3 min hard, 2 min easy for last four.

Friday: 10 miles on treadmill. I read recently a commentary on attitude. That the best athletes are able to look at a bad-streak and not feel defeated or disappointed, but instead feel encouraged because they know they are due for a great performance. I feel like I’ve been slogging through a lot of runs (maybe that’s the cold, maybe it’s the treadmill…or maybe it’s my attitude). I’ve been discouraged by setbacks in weekly mileage, by sickness and tight muscles. But that streak of “bad training” meant I was due for a good strong run. I was able to pull that off on the treadmill on Friday. I’d planned to rest Friday, but moved Wednesday’s workout because of being sick. I ran a four mile warm up. Then ran four miles alternating between 3min hard and 2 min easy. I was able to really push the pace on the hard, faster than I have before all while the incline was at .5%-1%. I then ran 1 mile alternating 1 min hard and 1min easy. Then finished off with a two mile cool down to complete ten miles on the treadmill. Friday finished off with a 75 min Barre class. I was definitely tired, but the stretching was exactly what I needed after the long treadmill run.

Saturday: 1 mile. Had planned to run my long run on Saturday. I went a half mile out stopped and came back. For a number of reasons (mostly related to family) I decided Sunday was a better day for it and I’m glad I did. It was 30 degrees warmer on Sunday than it was Saturday.

Sunday: 19.32 miles. We were in Maine for the weekend and I had the chance to run along the beach for much of my run. I ran 9 miles solo and they went by super fast, then was joined by a friend for the second half. Miles 14 and 17 felt difficult, I was tired and ready to be done. But finished strong. For the most part my paces were super steady: each mile within a 3-5 second range.

Weekly total: 46.55

It’s a week I feel like I can build on. I felt really strong later in the week and ready to push this week.

I opted not to go to the USSA Snowshoe National Championships. I know that it was the right decision for my family, but after seeing some race pictures I do feel a little pang of regret (even if I do qualify again, who knows when the next championships will be within driving distance). Although when I think about what it would have taken to get there it would have felt very chaotic for my family, instead we had a very peaceful weekend in Maine. And that was the better choice.


How is your training going? Have you had the stomach bug this year? It seems to be going around…


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  1. Sarah Hussey says

    Oh my goodness- what a rough week! I think that the stomach bug is one of the worst sicknesses :( So not fun! I’m glad to hear you are all better and were able to have a relaxing weekend up in Maine. I’m sure that is just what the Dr. ordered :) Those are great runs! See, the treadmill isn’t so bad 😉 Your beach run definitely looks like the best though, that scenery is just gorgeous!

    I was supposed to do 10 miles on Saturday, but only got 9.5 due to running out of time. I watched my nephew on Saturday, and had to be ready by a certain time. However, those 9.5miles felt good and strong, and I know I could have finished. This training has been a great one for me so far, I am pleasantly surprised at what my body can do. Thank you so much for pushing me :)

  2. says

    I got a little queasy reading this… haha! Glad you are better. My family has escaped any stomach bugs so far this year. I feel like I shouldn’t say that out loud and jinx myself!

    I totally agree on attitude! Both towards “bad-streaks” and family. I’ve been trying recently to look at my life more as a whole. I’ve started to realize how everything I have/want to balance (for example, motherhood and running) can actually work together to my benefit. I’ve never put running first per say but I never thought about how having a family could really benefit my running until recently. It’s kind of like family can be a built in safe guard against over-training, self defeat etc…

    I have a treadmill question! What are you feelings on incline? I always use a 1% but with the weather I’ve had to do longer runs on the treadmill than I have before. When do you vary the incline?

    • scanney says

      I like what you said about family bringing balance! As for incline, I vary the incline depending on how feeling. Today I ran 8 and couldnt brings myself to do it outside. So what I did is ran 3 warm up at 0% and the did a Nike where I strarted at 3 and went up to 5%. Did one mi at 0. The did another mile long “hill” like before. Then 2 mi at 0% to finish. I. Short I vary it all the te and at different intervals, but if I’m slogging and having a hard time I stay at 0.

      • says

        Ok. I like hearing this. I was “slogging” yesterday and I let myself drop down to zero the last 2 miles of 6 but picked up the speed. Seemed like it would be more beneficial to run in good form than be so stuck to the 1%! Thanks for sharing your workout!

        • scanney says

          yeah usually at 0% I can pick up the speed even if I’m slogging. good for you for sticking to it though!

  3. says

    NO stomach bug this year. Praying this doesn’t jinx me. I am training for my longest distance race so far – the cherry blossom 10 miler. All on the treadmill. It’s going. I think I might be falling in love with longer distances. We will have to see how the race goes :-)

    • scanney says

      That race is supposed to be amazing! I’m a little jealous:) Glad you’ve escaped the bugs. I’m looking forward to spring and getting outside vs. being cooped up and sick…and stroller runs!

  4. says

    No stomach bug…..hoping that we don’t get it this year. We all had it last year and i got it twice. However, I was teaching last year and my 2 year old was at a babysitters so I’m sure we were around more germs and that I got it from one of those little first graders! Great job running through the that feeling of puking…amazing!

    • scanney says

      We’ve been around a lot more germs this year too. Last year jack was little (4mo) and was in the process of having his surgeries so I pretty much hibernated last year. This year we’re doing playgroups and story time and day care at the barre studio and I think that’s where it’s all coming from. And when I was running I just kept saying it’s just like morning sickness and you ran through that!Haha!

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