Training Update

I guess this is turning into Training Update Tuesday. I’ll keep this one short and sweet because if I’m going to get up for my run tomorrow morning I really should go to bed…like…NOW. So. In a nutshell last weeks training: STRONG. That seemed to be the theme and I was totally on board with that. As the week progressed it seemed like things were really clicking and that had the majority of my 51 miles feeling smooth and strong.

training updateMonday: Yoga DVD. Rodney Yee FTW.

Tuesday: Eight treadmill miles. Temps were in the negatives. I just couldn’t bring myself outside.

Wednesday: Five snowy morning miles, followed by a kick-ass indoor track workout. I knew when I went to bed on Tuesday night that Wednesday was going to be a strong day. I could just feel it. And it was. The track workout was 6×800 on five minute cycles with a lap jog (160m at the indoor track) and a little bit standing rest before the five minute mark ticked past. We followed this up with 5×160 (one lap). My paces were strong: about 6:00/mi for the 800’s and around 33 seconds each for the 160’s. Although I was tired by the fourth 800 I was able to finish strong and then kick-hard on those 160’s. I ran a total of 5.5 miles on the track, 55 laps total. It’s a lot of around and around and around, but honestly I love every minute of it. I could do it all day every day. Well…maybe not. But it’s a great way to make winter running fun (and bearable). Indoor track, I love you.

snowy track

snow run

Thursday: Five recovery-paced miles on the treadmill.

Friday: Eight mostly easy miles with 3 up-tempo miles in the middle. Realized after I picked the route that I wanted to do some tempo-ish miles in there and forgot about the hills on this one. So there were hills in mile 2 and 3 of the three tempo miles. Which is why I’ll call them “up-tempo” instead of “tempo” :)

Saturday: Four easy miles. And on Saturday easy happened to be sub 8’s. Nice. I think it was the 45 degrees and fewer layers that made me feel like flying. (Swapped Saturday and Sunday’s runs again due to a scheduling snafu lack of communication between my husband and I. Actually he communicated perfectly clearly…I just wasn’t listening. Oops.

Sunday: Sixteen Hilly miles. I did this run on Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful, a little chilly but beautiful. I went into this run just wanting it to feel easy; I knew it would be hilly (1174 feet in elevation gain) and gave myself permission to take it easy. I felt strong the entire run and it wasn’t until after the major hills that I realized my pace had remained steadily in the mid 8’s. The past few weeks I’ve been hard pressed to get some of my runs out of the 9’s. But on Sunday 8-8:20 felt so comfortable it was almost shocking. Especially considering all the hills. I finished the run with a nice 8:25 average.

sunny 16

Weekly total: 51 and change

This week I’m feeling good. Confident and ready to race my first 5K (on the road) of 2014. Hopefully it won’t snow.

How’s your training going? Any rave runs you’ve had recently where you have surprised yourself with your pace?


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    • scanney says

      Thanks….unfortunately it looks like it’s going to take that much longer for the snow to melt considering we’re getting MORE! Gah!

  1. says

    That is a great week! By the way, I love your jacket!!!!! I had my first speed work in months last week (SAT) and it went great! I did 3 mile repeats and my speed was still there! I was pleasantly surprised :). I have a 5k on Sat so I am excited!!!!

    • scanney says

      Thanks! The Jacket is Saucony, super helpful for those early AM runs where I need to be visible. Good luck in your 5K. Hope that speed kicks in!

  2. says

    This winter has left me feeling really heavy…mid 8:00’s feel harder than they should! But I did notice over the weekend, with the nice weather, that I was running faster paces a lot more easily. Come on, spring, we’re ready for you! I have a Half on Sunday and I honestly don’t really know what speed I will be able to turn out!

    • scanney says

      I feel like it’s always hard to gauge where you’ll be in the spring after a winter of running, paces always feel slower to me in the winter because of cold and road conditions and then once those layers start to come off and the weather warms up it feels so good, I think we run faster!

    • scanney says

      TOtally agree! Looking forward to getting out with the stroller soon! Although it looks like it might be mid-april before that can happen.

  3. says

    Training for me has been going well nothing too fancy. I feel like I have a good thing going on though and my body is going to be well prepared when I pick it up a notch over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully will be pleasantly surprised by some of my workouts! I’m looking at doing the Hospital Hill half (in Kansas City) as my big race this season. I might need the “embrace the hill” shirt you shared yesterday for that one!

    • scanney says

      It’s always important to have a good base before you take things up a notch like you said. I’m sure that the solid training you’re doing will definitely pay off when you start to incorporate some intervals!

    • scanney says

      I have his power yoga DVD. It’s long, but broken up into 30 min segments that make it easy to go to the part of the workout you want to do. I didn’t make it to barre last week and really needed the stretching that yoga provided.

  4. Sarah Hussey says

    Excellent week!! That is awesome, Sarah! I can’t wait for this weekend- I know it won’t be an easy race for me Sunday, but I am really looking forward to running with you and having you push me :) My training is going really well for the most part- wish I could run outside, but my husband’s schedule doesn’t allow for it, so my treadmill is one of my best friends 😀 This week, so far hasn’t gone too well though… I had a funeral yesterday, and am just emotionally and physically drained… Plus losing an hour of sleep has meant sleeping in for me Mon and Tues. I will make up for it tomorrow though, that’s for sure. I think I just needed a bit of time.

    • scanney says

      Oh Sarah, sorry to hear about the funeral. I am really looking forward to this weekend though! It should be so fun!

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