Training Update Peak Week + Taper Time

Last week was a strong, solid week of which I am really proud. I peaked at 70.58 miles, a weekly mileage PR and what feels like a really great point from which to taper down to the marathon on 5/18. I felt myself eager to get up and run each morning knowing that every run had a purpose, all fitting together into what has been one of the most challenging and rewarding training cycles I’ve ever been through. I’m eager for the marathon but know that there’s still work to be done in the next three weeks. Race day will come and my goal is to be ready, rested and healthy. Here’s how last weeks workouts break down: Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 3.33.49 PM Monday: 10 easy  miles followed by cheering for everyone running the Boston Marathon! Tuesday: Was supposed to be 8 easy, but I was feeling inspired and threw in three tempo miles in the middle (7:11, 7:04, 7:03). I haven’t done many tempo runs this training cycle and none of them more than 4 miles. Has me a little worried, but for the first time ever I’ve done ALL the long runs I’ve needed to and had the weekly mileage I think is necessary to be well-prepared for a marathon. Wednesday: 7.11 easy morning miles then track in the evening. 5.75 miles at the track. Mile warm up and cool down and then 3×1 mile on the track. Positive splitter the crap out of this workout. Which tends to happen at the first outdoor workout with my club and also suck at math so I thought I had to run 1:30 for each 1/4 mile…but that is 6 minute pace and I wanted to be running 6:30 min pace. Oh well. Splits were: 6:14, 6:25 and 6:30. 400m jog in-between each mile. Thursday: Six miles recovery pace and then 75 minute barre class in the afternoon. Friday: Friday and Sunday are the two days that I let me self sleep in, since I’m up at 5am for every other run. So this was on the treadmill. Six miles at an easy pace. Saturday: 23 miles with 880 feet of total elevation gain…most of which was between mile 16 and 20 (when I felt most tired). I had solid splits for the whole run right where I want to be, with the exception of mile 16 and 18 which were slower. But I finished strong and recovery AMAZINGLY well. I was actually amazed on Sunday morning I felt no different than I did after my 10 mile run on Monday. I know my body is adapting well to the bigger training load and these longer runs…I’m just surprised at how well. Sunday: 5 Recovery miles and a kettle bell workout and drills. I’ve been keeping my easy runs EASY, my recovery runs SLOW and my hard days HARD. I really try to push on Wednesdays and at the end of my long runs. I think part of the reason why I’m feeling so good is that I’m not trying to push the pace on runs that are supposed to be easy. Sunday marked 16 days in a row of training so I took a much deserved rest day on Monday. That rest day included a trip to the chiro and massage. Ahhhhh. So good.   How’s your training going? –Sarah


  1. Sarah Hussey says

    WOW! Way to go Sarah! Those are some awesome training runs! You will be SO ready for your race :) Keep up the good work, and smart training!

    • scanney says

      Thank you Laura! Right now my goal is to finish feeling “triumphant” and for me that means a fast finish and negative splits…something like I did at Easter States. So whatever that takes and whatever time that gives me is my goal:)


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