Run Far

When I first started running “far” was the 1.57 mile loop around the block. Then “far” was five miles. “Far” kept changing and when I signed up for my first marathon 26.2 seemed impossibly far, until I took the first steps and started training. Now 26.2 doesn’t seem so impossible.

Whatever “far” means to you dare to take the first step and make what seems impossible a reality. Run Far. Run Strong.





Run Far shirts are available in the shop!



  1. Jess says

    Do these benefit the Dartmouth Hitchcock children’s hospital as well? If so can you put that your Instagram post! Thanks!!

    • scanney says

      These ones do not. Well, sort of–indirectly they are helping fund the continued production of the embrace the hill shirts. There are a lot more “hidden” costs than I anticipated.

  2. says

    Love it…and I hear ya! When I was in school, we used to run the mile. I was one of the kids who walked. Fast forward, many years…my husband and I would to run “the strand,” a 2.5mi loop along the beach. If he ever added in any extra (e.g. the pier,) it was a big deal – I needed to be forewarned, so I could mentally prepare. Before I decided to train for my first half, the farthest I’d ever run was 5mi…once, maybe twice. Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I’d run marathon, let alone consider one…but I did it. It’s funny how perspectives can change :) I FINALLY ordered a hill shirt…maybe I’ll have to get one of these too, sooner than later!

  3. says

    Love the new shirts! I coworker of mine just started running. She asked me how she could stay motivated to run 5 minutes straight. To her, that is far. To me, it’s no big deal since I’ve been running for years. I had to really think back to when I thought 5 minutes was far. We all have our own “far.”

    • scanney says

      So true. And far is always evolving too! Depends on where we are in our running journey. Congrats on your half marathon this weekend, sounds like it was fun!

    • scanney says

      Thanks! Probably more coming, once the creative juices start to flow its hard to stop them! Haha:)

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