Dr. Cool Wraps Review and Sweepstakes for a Giveaway-2 Winners!

Dr. Cool Wraps sent me a Medium wrap to try, the views expressed in this post are my own.

For the past few weeks I’ve been icing my knee after every run–it seems that after playing “recreate the phantom pain” we have arrived at a diagnosis of popliteal tendinitis. I had been using an old ace ice pack I’ve had since college–the one I keep in a ziplock bag because the gel is leaking out of it–yeah, that one. I’ve been trying to ice after every morning run while I eat breakfast. But eating breakfast while sitting down is a bit of a luxury when you have two kids (more milk, more napkins, more coffee) so I would secure the pack with a cloth napkin.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.11.18 PM

This was my morning routine: run then get breakfast for the kids while constantly readjusting the cloth napkin and aging ice pack. Enter Dr. Cool Recovery On-the-Go-Wrap. They were kind enough to send me their medium wrap to try and I have to say I am totally sold on this ingenious product. According to Dr. Cool, they are the first injury product that combines ice & compression all-in-one flexible fabric.

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The ease Dr.Cool Recovery-on-the-go Wrap lends to icing my leg, means I ice when I need to, rather than putting it off to a moment when I could get my leg up–which doesn’t happen. The Dr. Cool Wrap is perfect for icing-on-the-go.

The Dr. Cool wrap is made form and innovative fabric called CoolCore, which stays cooler longer. The basic principle is that the wrap is your ice pack: you wet the wrap, freeze it and then wrap around the area that needs to be iced.

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My Thoughts:

I’ve been using the Dr. Cool Wrap for two weeks now and I’m really impressed with the product. It is easy to use, effective and is made by a local company (they are based here New Hampshire, just down the road in Portsmouth).

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.59.40 PM

Simply wet, freeze, wrap and go!

When I first used the Dr. Cool Wrap I wondered if it would drip as the frozen wrap started to thaw out. The first time I used it there was no dripping at all. The second time though, after I had used it once and then re-wetted it, the wrap did drip. I think that you don’t necessarily have to re-wet the wrap after each use. It seems to retain enough water to last through several re-freezes and uses.

What I love about Dr. Cool Wraps is not only can I walk around and make breakfast while icing my leg at the same time, but I can also readjust the tightness of the wrap as it begins to thaw, adding an element of compression.

Thanks to Dr. Cool Wraps you get to try their wraps! You can enter to win a wrap. See details below on how to enter. Contest runs Today 8/6 to 8/10.

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Terms and Conditions for Sweepstakes for Dr. Cool Wraps Giveaway: No purchase necessary. Must be 18 to enter. US residents only. Void where prohibited. Prize includes one Dr. Cool Wrap medium wrap. Two winner selected. Contest starts 8/6/14 at 5am EST and ends 8/10/14 at midnight EST.


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  1. says

    I love the idea of this. I have a hard time just sitting down after a run because my legs tighten right up! this would be great to ice but keep moving :)

  2. says

    Um yes this looks like a MUST for me! I cannot believe I haven’t heard about these until now?? It’s always an issue to ice because you have to SIT to do it, and who can do that?? I really hope I win this!! Great giveaway Sarah!

  3. says

    As I get older there are more aches and pains, especially in the morning, making it difficult to get out and get it done. I’m not the type to lay on the couch and ice down so it would be nice to have the ability to move around and still benefit from cool therapy.

  4. spottedimages says

    My right ankle would seriously benefit from this (pre-stress fracture this past winter, one nasty strain in early July) healing and training for more mountain races!

  5. says

    With nagging pain, I know I should ice, but never find the time to sit still and ice. This would solve that! Great idea, and pleased to know it is NH Made!

  6. Kim says

    YES!!! I need one of these. I’ve been icing my calf after every run for weeks and weeks and have the same issue with having to get up every 30 seconds to help someone. This would make life much easier!

  7. Tessa says

    This would be great for me. I have problems with my left knee and this would be much better than the ice pack I currently use after runs.

  8. samantha says

    Perfect! Making time to fit in a run is one thing, but sitting to ice afterwards just happens. What a great solution!

  9. says

    I find this an awesome concept as compared to being stuck on the couch or in the recliner with an ice pack, rejuvenating my knees after a long bike ride.

  10. Dana mck says

    I’m on the same routine you are. Get up early to run and then stand in the kitchen sweating as I make breakfast for the kids. I love that I could walk around wearing this!

  11. Amie edmunds says

    This sounds great, I am hoping to do another fall half this year and would love to have this based on the aches and tightness I see in the future.

  12. Brenda Adams says

    I think the Dr. Cool wrap would help my knee pain. After running I usually have some knee pain and I’am the type of person that has trouble sitting down and relaxing. So this would really help me ice my knee while I am on the go.

  13. says

    I have a very similar product and I have no idea where i got it- but it’s not nearly as nice. I was just talking with my boyfriend and we were saying we needed 2-3 more for us to share! this would be perfect, and they seem so much nicer!

  14. says

    I’m the worst when it comes to icing my knee after a run. I have every intention of doing so, but I find that it’s a pain to eat dinner and ice at the same time. This cooling wrap would be a perfect solution to this dilemma and it would make both my knee and coach very happy :)

  15. says

    Haha, I can totally sympathize with your leaky gel pack and cloth napkin! I use a gel pack that has a duct tape patch on it, and I secure it with one of my husband’s dress socks. :) I can’t walk around much or it comes loose, so I typically ice while I’m sitting down to eat a meal.

  16. Michelle C says

    This looks like a great product for me! I have a two year old and four aussies so I don’t get to sit down very often either!

  17. Joy says

    Icing is a key component of recovery, but it’s hard to find something effective at doing it so the Cool Wrap would be great!

  18. Jennifer Longoria says

    I would love to try this product! I’ve been having knee pain for a year and a half now & still looking for great ways to relieved the pain while on the go with two toddlers at home. There’s not much me-time to take a time-out on the couch with an icepack. I would love to try this cool product for on the go! :)

  19. says

    This would be sooo helpful for both my husband and I. I use one of those gel bead ice packs but I feel like they never get cold enough, plus they flop around. Love this product idea!

  20. says

    wow. i have been searching for something like this for a while now! rather than having to sit with a bag of frozen fruit on my leg, i could still be productive around the house while icing!

  21. says

    I love this, something I have been looking for. I work 2 jobs and usually have to run between them on some days in order to get my workout in. Which leaves me less time for getting ready for job #2 and less time for doing “proper running things” like stretching after a run…and icing. Stretching i make the time for but being able to ice AND get ready for job #2 would be amazing.

  22. amber says

    so cool! I could definitely use one of those since I am in the middle of marathon training and icing on the go right now is a pain!

  23. says

    My knees are the worst! I can’t sit still, so that’s a bad combination. These would be a lifesaver for being a good PT patient and actually icing my knees while still being able to multitask.

  24. says

    My husband has light aches in his knee after his runs. I hate to nag him about icing and foam rolling. I think having something like this would make icing appealing to him!

  25. kristen mcclary says

    well one month ago i sprained my anle pretty bad. i needed crutches and now when i am on the go for a long time it starts acheing so if i had this i would be able to stay out longer

  26. Laura W says

    I’m a huge multi-tasker and it would be great to be able to ice my knee after long runs and still be able to make dinner.

  27. John @ run. geek. run(disney) says

    I love the look of that. I could probably use it a lot post long runs. Usually after my half the biggest thing that is sore later in the day are my knees. Not muscle or anything, but just from the impact, which I think this would be perfect for.

  28. Stacey Niedzwiecki says

    I have Achilles problems, so after longer workouts, ice is a must. I hate having to stop what I’m doing to sit with my leg up and ice for 15-20 min. This would be awesome to ice and keep moving around while I have all the energy a good workout seems to give.

  29. Janet says

    I would love to try this! I totally need it for my ankle (surgery 2 1/2 years ago) and my knee(surgery a year ago) after a run or cross training!

  30. Kelly says

    I was nodding my head in agreement when you mentioned the breakfast rush. With a two year old and four year old – it is a luxury to try to sit and ice and relax during mealtimes. I’ve been using the gel pack held in place with a hand towel for my hamstring and would love to try this.

  31. Leah says

    I’m training for the Marine Corps PFT, but I’ve been suffering from serious knee pain that has been slowing down my run times. The Dr. Cool Wrap could help bring me back up to speed!


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