Running & Pregnancy

Here you’ll find an index of all the post I’ve written related to running during pregnancy and postpartum. But before you read any of these posts I’d suggest your read these two:

I Wish I Hadn’t Run During Pregnancy

A Different Approach to Running During Pregnancy

Postpartum 3#: (May-present)

Postpartum Update: The final update

Postpartum Update: 12 weeks

Postpartum Update: 11 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 10 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 9 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 8 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 7 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 6 Weeks

Postpartum Update: 4 Weeks

Pregnancy #3 (August 2014- May 2015):

37 Weeks: Walk it Out

The Home Stretch

35 weeks: I don’t want to run

32 Weeks: Run Before you Crawl 5K

30 Weeks Pregnancy Update

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

23 Weeks: Racing the Not-so-Mediocre-Mile

22 Weeks: Second Wind

19 Weeks: Gender Reveal and Life Lately

18 Weeks: Changes and Adjustments

10K Relay at 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks:Thoughts and Update

First Trimester Musings

12 Weeks: CHaD HERO 5K at 12 Weeks Pregnant


Running Postpartum #2:

Post-Baby Comeback Plan: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

My Postpartum Body

First Run: 4 Weeks Postpartum

Not So Fast: 5 Weeks Postpartum

Postpartum Running: Not What I Thought It Would Be

Virtual 5K Race for Recovery Recap: 6 Weeks Postpartum

Running Update: 12 Weeks Postpartum

Training Plans: Three Months Postpartum

Speedwork: Four Months Postpartum

Training Update Four Months Postpartum

Training Update: Five 1/2 months Postpartum

First Postpartum 5K: Todd’s Trot (6 months postpartum)

Training Update: Seven Months Postpartum

Training Update: 12 months Postpartum

Tips for Returning to Running after Pregnancy


Pregnancy #2 (January 2012-September 2012):

Training Update: Seven Months Postpartum

First Postpartum 5K: Todd’s Trot (6 months postpartum)

38 Weeks Pregnant: The Run Down

35 Weeks Pregnant and NOT Running??

Knowing my Limits: 32 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant and Still Running

5K Race Recap: 28 Weeks Pregnant

Training Update: 5 1/2 Months Pregnant

Running Races While Pregnant

Postpartum #1

Runner to Mother


Pelvic Floor Health:

TMI or Not Enough?

Weakness and Imbalance

Running Injuries Related to Pelvic Floor Weakness

An Interview with Cristin Zaimes, DPT