Running & Pregnancy

The post to read before you read any others:

I Wish I Hadn’t Run During Pregnancy

A Different Approach to Running During Pregnancy

Running While Pregnant:

Pregnancy #3 (August 2014-Due May 9th, 2015):

23 Weeks: Racing the Not-so-Mediocre-Mile

22 Weeks: Second Wind

19 Weeks: Gender Reveal and Life Lately

18 Weeks: Changes and Adjustments

10K Relay at 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks:Thoughts and Update

First Trimester Musings

12 Weeks: CHaD HERO 5K at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy #2 (January 2012-September 2012):

Training Update: Seven Months Postpartum

First Postpartum 5K: Todd’s Trot (6 months postpartum)

38 Weeks Pregnant: The Run Down

35 Weeks Pregnant and NOT Running??

Knowing my Limits: 32 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant and Still Running

5K Race Recap: 28 Weeks Pregnant

Training Update: 5 1/2 Months Pregnant

Running Races While Pregnant

Runner to Mother

Running Postpartum:

Post-Baby Comeback Plan: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

My Postpartum Body

First Run: 4 Weeks Postpartum

Not So Fast: 5 Weeks Postpartum

Postpartum Running: Not What I Thought It Would Be

Virtual 5K Race for Recovery Recap: 6 Weeks Postpartum

Running Update: 12 Weeks Postpartum

Training Plans: Three Months Postpartum

Speedwork: Four Months Postpartum

Training Update Four Months Postpartum

Training Update: Five 1/2 months Postpartum

First Postpartum 5K: Todd’s Trot (6 months postpartum)

Training Update: Seven Months Postpartum

Training Update: 12 months Postpartum

Tips for Returning to Running after Pregnancy


Pelvic Floor Health:

TMI or Not Enough?

Weakness and Imbalance

Running Injuries Related to Pelvic Floor Weakness

An Interview with Cristin Zaimes, DPT